Garchen Rinpoche
Garchen Rinpoche
Garchen Rinpoche
 "The only cause of happiness is love. The only cause of suffering is self grasping."
- Garchen Rinpoche











Garchen Rinpoche

During the turmoil of the Cultural Revolution in China, Garchen Triptrul Rinpoche was imprisoned in the prime of his life. Yet when he was released after years of captivity, he emerged as a highly awakened master who had been learning and practicing in secret for 20 years.

Dedicated To The Welfare of Others

His own teacher, the great Khenpo Munsel, was astonished by Rinpoche's vast achievement. Khenpo Munsel called him "an emanation of a Bodhisattva," a being completely dedicated to the welfare of others. When you look at Rinpoche's life, when you experience his light, you can see he is one such being.

Garchen Rinpoche
Garchen Rinpoche
Garchen Rinpoche

Now in his seventies, Garchen Rinpoche is revered by Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike. Known for extraordinary love, limitless compassion and clear wisdom, he travels an exhausting schedule, reaching as many students as he can and acting on projects that benefit his Tibetan homeland and the world.

His Eminence's Incarnation as Gardampa Chodengpa

Gardampa Chodengpa was born in 1180 A.D., and he was recognized to have been an incarnation of the acharya Aryadeva Bodhisattva, a disciple of Nagarjuna. At birth he was able to hold a staff, and he chanted the six syllable mantra. His mother was too frightened to tell others of her son's abilities. Later, he practiced Mantrayana at Tsari, Tibet. While residing at a cave of Gar at Dagpo, all the gods and demons of Tibet gathered round him. At first they drew sharp weapons and wounded him, but later took refuge in him, offering the mantras of their lives.

When Gardampa Chodengpa was young, he heard of the glorious accomplishments of the mahasiddha Kyobpa Jigten Sungon. So he decided to make his way to Drikung. He then stayed there and received many teachings and practiced under the guidance of his guru, Kyobpa Jigten Sumgon. Very soon he was able to attain complete realization, and he became one of the three important mahasiddhas -- Gar, Nyo, and Chosum -- of Kyobpa Jigten Sumgon. Gardampa exhibited miraculous powers on many occasions and through his profound teachings initiated numerous sentient beings on the path of Dharma.

Many disciples started gathering around him, but it was too early still, so he scolded them to leave. He founded the monastery of Lung-shod Dar-Chodeng at Drikung. Eventually, so many monks gathered around him, he moved away to found the monastery Phur-gon Rinchen-ling.


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